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Individuals and Family Planning

Client Centered

Your life is not simple. Far from it! Typically, the demands on your personal and family time from your busy lifestyle to your professional involvements can be relentless. Finding the time to adequately address and track your financial progress can be a daunting task. Successfully pursuing proven strategies is next to impossible to do alone.

Even great companies have a Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Wouldn't it be nice to have a personal CFO for you and your family? That's what the Granite team and our holistic approach can do for you.

It is the goal of the Granite team to help make sure all of the pertinent areas of your financial life are working together in harmony — leaving you free to pursue your goals. The Granite team is concerned with the whole you. This involves reviewing your assets and goals in light of your tax situation, your legal planning, your insurance needs, and more. As far as you want to go, we are prepared to walk with you along the way.

Retirement Concerns

Client Centered

Besides starting a family, retirement is probably one of the most life-changing events one will face. It can be both exciting and scary. Granite has been through retirement hundreds of times — through the lives of our clients. We understand the issues, concerns and fears that most people experience. The Granite team wants you to walk in confidence.

As you contemplate your retirement, you will quickly recognize the many challenges that lie before you, including many of which you may not be fully aware — inflation, the rising cost of health care, changing tax laws, unpredictable economy, and more. Always at the top of the list though is fear of outliving your money.

Granite can educate you about these challenges, and help you feel comfortable and confident about facing retirement. A plan DOES exist for you. And Granite can help unfold that plan so that you can see, understand, and work the plan. The Granite team wants to make sure that your income needs are totally met in the most tax-advantaged way with the best protection for you now and into the future. We're very concerned about your comfort and that your lifestyle will not change — meaning your financial dignity and independence. And no matter the technique or strategy that best suits your needs, we are prepared to walk with you all the way to your goals.

Businesses and Corporations

Client Centered

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why you are a business owner or a business leader? Most people would say it's because:

  • They want to utilize their leadership talent
  • They want to build wealth for themselves and their family's future
  • They want to provide products and services for the consumer
Client Centered

Let the Granite Team join you on your journey from good to great by doing what we do best thus allowing you the freedom to optimize your talents and build a successful company. Here are a few areas in which we have assisted companies:

  • Innovative Tax Strategies
  • Management of 401K, Profit Sharing Plans
  • Business Succession Planning/Exit Strategies
  • Planning for Emergencies (deaths, incapacitations)
  • Key Employee Retention Plans
  • Maximizing Family Wealth
  • Informational Workshops for Employees - Granite employee educational seminars teach about personal investments, legal planning and more. We help maximize the value of the employer by providing valuable education and training for your employees.