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Drive- By Planning?

Drive- By Planning?

June 04, 2018

It scares the “be-jeebers” out of me when I hear advertisements for retirement planning and 401-k rollovers that indicate something like the following: “I GOT MY 401-k ROLLOVER DONE IN THE TIME IT TOOK ME TO EAT A SANDWICH!”

You may not agree with me, but much of the “drive-thru” quick food is not nearly as good or healthy as well-prepared meals at home or in a nice restaurant. “Fast food”- “quick-fixes”- “mass produced and quickly prepared”- just are not the words I want associated with my “healthcare” or my “wealth care” !!!!  IT IS SO GLIB for a salesperson or entity to want to “get me in and get me out” quickly WHEN “RETIREMENT INCOME PLANNING” IS TRULY A SERIOUS MATTER!! For the first time in our American history, persons coming into retirement years today have a challenge that no generation before has encountered:  The possibility of needing a rising “retirement income” for the next 25-35 years!!!

I would hope that you would search for something better and more complete. I would not want “drive-by” surgery/healthcare…. And I certainly do not want “drive-by” wealth care.

If you would like to sit with a wealth care counselor and talk about your concerns, goals and dreams as it relates to your life, come to the Granite Financial Group. We understand the concerns and complexities and assist families in navigating through the concerns…. assisting you in reaching a purposeful lifestyle. Don’t allow some slick advertisement or salesperson to “run you through the system” and sell you a quick fix.