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Don't Allow Fear to Steal a Year Out of YOUR Life!

Don't Allow Fear to Steal a Year Out of YOUR Life!

May 03, 2018

I hate it when something is stolen from me!! It seems so personal – so demoralizing – so invasive! When one walks into their home and recognizes that vandals have broken in and stolen, there is first a feeling of “violation” – “how dare they invade my space and take these things from me!”

So, I encourage you “not to allow fear-mongers to steal” 2016 from you! Yes, I’ve heard! 2016 has been declared the “year of fear” by some journalists. Why not? It seems the atmosphere is ripe for this type of journalistic labeling!

• Some politicians are indicating they will “build walls” along our borders as necessary to keep us safe.
• Terrorists are indeed attacking innocent people around the world!
• The first few weeks of 2016 witnessed a market index plunging over 1,400 points (Dow)**
• Some politicians are even suggesting that the “capitalistic” system in America is not the way of the future (this is scary to me).
• I heard that some “clothiers” are now suggesting there is so much fear and anxiety in the at-mosphere that everyone should wear either “blue or pink” this year. These two colors are supposed to be soothing. Wearing these colors would “calm us” as we go about life – so it is suggested.
Some “fear” is probably healthy! A healthy amount of “fear” can warn a person of dangers, but to “live in fear” is not healthy, not productive, not good for the human body, and quite frankly a “stealer” of the joy of life!! Why would anyone want to look back on 2016, or any year, and realize a whole chunk of their life had been stolen from them?!!
One must recognize that the future will probably NOT look much like the past. The world has changed in the last 10 years or so and many of those changes have not been for “the good” in my opinion (which at present I’m still free to express that opinion – which might not be the opinion of the reader).
To “live in fear” could not only steal the “joy of life”, but could cause a person to be unable to think rationally, they might make unhealthy decisions, fear could even push someone into addictive hab-its that control and destroy life, or just make life miserable! THAT’S NOT what the Designer of life had in mind when we were created!!!
We must “control the controllables” and then learn how to deal with the issues that seem to be press-ing on us every day.

• There are ways physically to protect ourselves as best we can, and I encourage everyone to take the measures necessary to do this as they see proper (many are obtaining their CHL li-censes).
• There are strategies that can be utilized to bring less volatility to a person’s financial portfolio. The “New Normal” is “volatility”, and that won’t change for a while but we can “plan” for this volatility.
• There are relationships that can be formed or could be strengthened in one’s life that can bring “peace” in the midst of stormy times – or all the time.
Don’t allow “fear to freeze you”!!! It’s not what “the plan of life” calls for!!!
Don’t allow a "fear frenzy formulated by fear-mongering financial fanatics" turn your life into an emotional frenzy.
How could one avoid an emotional, frenzied roller coaster? Well, I’m not a psychotherapist and am not speaking as one either. But, here are some suggestions:
• Know what “truth” is ---- search for it --- get it in your spirit --- allow this “truth” to guide you and NOT THE NIGHTLY NEWS!
• If you have to, quit watching CNN, FOX, etc. etc. --- spend the time instead communicating with family members and friends. Create your own “news” and enjoy the fact that you are loved by others!
• Find a trusted family Advisor that will assist you in making decisions in areas of finance, tax-es, legal issues, etc. Once you find this competent trusted advisor, then TRUST the infor-mation offered. The President of the U.S. and the presidents of most major corporations have an advisor to assist in gathering the facts and offering information for making good decisions. These “decision making executives” probably don’t make their decisions by what CNN or FOX is reporting!!!
• Quit listening to all the “financial shows” on T.V. and/or radio! Yes, I wrote that! Someone is paying for these programs – probably people like you who “purchase” what the program is of-fering! Is it in “your best interest” or the “best interest of the seller”? Most “sellers of product” play upon either your “fear” or your “greed”. Careful!!!
But, “fearful times” can be “healthy times, growth times” because if these times cause us to search for truth and live in “truth” instead of living by the “hawkers of turbulence”, we can walk, live, and sing with a sense of peace in our lives!!!
One should not be making “long term decisions” based on “short-term circumstances”!! This type decision making can put one out of business emotionally and in many other arenas.
• Step back, take a deep breath!
• Think “outside the box” of the fear-mongers!
• Know the truth about your situation.
• Have a “plan” of strategies that can sustain you in the short-term and bring sufficiency for the long-term.
• Find activities that will allow you to relax – have fun – that will create a therapeutic reaction in your body and mind – (dancing, hunting, fishing, visiting family members or neighbors --- do you even know your neighbors?)
In the midst of all the chaos, corruption and craziness of the “new normal”:

1) Ask yourself what is really important about “life” to you.
2) List those issues that come to mind.
3) List the “fears” that are predominant in your mind. Then, REFUSE these fears to steal your joy and happiness.
4) Major on the things you KNOW are true --- not the things you “suppose” are true.
5) Pray or show concern for the thousands that are indeed being wronged by natural catastro-phes and people of violence. If you cannot physically get to their area to assist, then contrib-ute to those who can and pray for all of them.
6) Reach out and touch someone in need.
7) Have a known and written “plan of action” for the short-term and the long-term. This alone will help alleviate much fear and anxiety and allow for peaceful rest at night!

At a very troubled past season in American history, a U.S. President, Franklin Roosevelt, publicly stated: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself – nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.”
The first part of his statement is often repeated, but the later part actually indicates the results of “fear”.
“FEAR” – steals.
“PEACE” – can heal. This is why we are told not to make lots of noise when we visit hospital pa-tients. “Quiet, patients resting” – this statement really is indicating that rest and peace can contribute to healing and restoration!!! Ah, just a thought!