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Cancer Spots and Blind Spots

Cancer Spots and Blind Spots

October 06, 2016

When it comes to CANCEROUS SKIN SPOTS, early detection is Vital!

  • The Skin Cancer Foundation has a statement on their website that reads: “If You Can Spot It You Can Stop It”
  • “…skin cancer is the easiest to cure if diagnosed and treated early”
  • “…when allowed to progress, however, skin cancer can result in disfigurement and even death”.

When we talk about a person's BLIND SPOTS, we  don’t know the cause, but we do  know the remedy! 

Most people don’t know they have “blind spots”!   Reason: WE CAN’T SEE THEM!  The problem is:  Everyone has them!!! 

Almost all of us struggle with these “blind spots” but we don’t really know how many “blind spots” we have because we can’t see them!!!  If we can’t see them, we don’t think we have one even though someone else might recognize that we operate as though we don’t have one and that other person can see we are operating like a “blind bat” in a particular arena!!!  Crazy!!!

The smarter the person and the more professionally trained the person the more difficult it is for that type person to admit they “might” have a blind spot – seemingly!

Yep, we’re “human” and we tend to hold ourselves out as the “person who knows it all”!

When I am privileged to sit at a table with sharp people and begin conversations about their future goals and dreams, I try to quickly bring into that conversation some statements that are close to the following:

  • “I recognize that you are very intelligent and accomplished.
  • Could I ask you a very personal question?”
  • (with their approval I continue): “Are you an expert in everything”?  The answer will generally be:  “….no”
  • I respond that they answered correctly. Then I will indicate that they must answer my next question just as truthfully:  “Are you an expert in at least one thing?”
  • After they look around for a second they will respond: “Well, yes”!
  • I let them know that this is the case with every human being!!! No one human being knows everything, yet we all are an “expert” in something!

The problem with our mindsets is that an educated person in one field feels as though they have to look as though they know everything about everything OR they will appear stupid.  THE SOONER THIS HUGE ERROR OF THINKING is demolished, the sooner the BLIND SPOTS can be filled with an understanding not known before. 

Do YOU think you have some “blind spots”?

            “NO”! --  Then, maybe it’s ego, fear, or just a touch of pride that’s keeping you from discovering some neat truth that could bring great clarity to a blind spot in your life.  Please don’t allow that “ego” or “fear” to restrict your progress toward true greatness and completeness!

Do you think you have some “Blind Spots”?

            “YES”! -- WOW, now you’re on your way to a new level of discovery!

  1. Find someone in whom you have or can place “trust”. 
  2. In the arena of professional assistance, find an advisor with whom you can build a professional “relationship” – a person who specializes in the area of your need.  He or she will “listen”, then “listen” some more.  (Salespersons will have a quick answer because they are anxious to “sell” you their deal).
  3. Once this relationship is established, the “listening person” will have earned their position of “trust” and you will allow them to speak “into your life”.
  4. Be open to hear as this “trusted person” responds to what they have heard OR not heard.

We are ALL an expert in at least one thing, but not in everything.  

“Early Detection” in both Cancer Spots AND Blind Spots could make all of us a “healthier person”!!